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Welcome to Maissana!

Come and visit Maissana, the territory stretching through the “Biological Valley” of “Alta Val di Vara”… And you will be suddenly surrounded by a relaxing and magic atmosphere far from the frenetic rhythms of everyday life… This extraordinary territory offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy your holidays thanks to the richness of both ricreational and cultural events, and to the high value of its still preserved natural and cultural heritage.

Maissana offers not only wonderful natural landscapes, but also history, culture and traditions… Walking in its suggestive country-side is just like being immersed back in the history of Liguria and in its oldest traditions.

Local rural traditions are still alive in Maissana and represent a valuable cultural heritage of the area. This culture has developed through the centuries a tight bond between man and nature that is worth to be discovered and enhanced. Maissana offers for example the opportunity to know and appreciate the tradition of the grow and use of chestnut trees, that, for centuries, have represented the principal resource of the area. Local guides will lead you through magic chestnut woods to the typical mills where chestnut flour is still produced like in the past. Here, it is also possible to buy this local product that represents one of the main ingredients in the local cuisine and… Why not to ask locals for some tasty typical recipes?

The site of “Valle Lagorara” is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Liguria. This amazing outcrop of redjasper was exploited during the Copper and Early Bronzo Ages by prehistoric man to carve tools. The wall of the cave presents a very good state of conservation, and still preserves the some aspect it had during the Prehistoric Age. An interesting excursion takes origin just by the Information centre of S. Maria di Maissana and, after a pleasant 40 minutes walk gets to the archaeological site where it is also possible to take part to a demonstration of “jasper chipping” under the guide of export archaeologists.

More info: to visit the Archaeological site, contact the Maissana City Hall; for guided archaeological excursions, contact TerraMare, dial +39-0185-41023.

The Sporting Centre of Tavarone
Surrounded by the green volley of the Vara River, the Sporting Centre of Tavarone offers plenty of sport and recreational opportunities, from tbe refreshing and relaxing swimmingpool, to tennis courts for the most athletic… To the “bocce game” (bowling-like traditional game) for the laziest!

Feel free to contact the Sporting Centre of Tavarone, by phone: +39-0187-845629 or by fax: +39-0187-840280.

Natural Excursions
The landscape of Maissana with its chestnut woods, pastures and rocky hills offers plenty of excursions, from the relaxing and fresh walks in the shady wood, to the hikes up to the ridges of the mountains that offer breath-taking views over the valley. Many opportunities are available for horse-riding and mountain bikes tours. The Sporting Centre of Tavarone also offers a modern 5.7 km mountain bike track. Guided excursions, contact TerraMare Soc. Coop. a r.l., dial +39-0185-41023; horses renting, contact the ranch, Maneggio di Salterana, dial +39-0187-847412; mountain bikes hiring, contact Agriturismo Giandriale, dial +39-0187-840279.

The taste of tradition…
Maissana offers various opportunities to taste its typical dishes, characterised by the genuinity and semplicity of ingredients combined with the originality that has always disinguished the tradional Ligurian cuisine.
You may find local products here:

Le Rattatuie: prodotti tipici e gastronomia, Cembrano, dial +39-0187-847650;
Azienda Agricola di Ponte Rollino: produzione e vendita di salumi, Località Ponte Rollino, dial +39-0187-847634;
Agricella: Vendita di prodotti agricoli, Torza, Località Cella, dial +39-349-3193683.

Useful Information

  • Medical Center: dial +39-0187-847521
  • Pharmacies: Varese Ligure, dial +39-0187-842182 or +39-0187-842104, Castiglione Chiavarese dial +39-0185-408065
  • Carabinieri/Police Station: station of Varese Ligure dial +39-0187-842118
  • First Aid – Hospital: Hospital of Lavagna dial +39-0185-307112
  • General Pratictioner Emergencies: dial +39-0185-371020 or +39-0185-371022
  • Croce Rossa Italiana/Ambulances: dial +39-0187-842120 or +39-0187-842182
  • Public Assistance – S. Pietro Vara (night & day): dial +39-0187-847813
  • Town Hall Offices are open everyday from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.; Tuesday and Friday from 2.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. dial +39-0187-845617, Fax +39-0187-845606. Mayor receives on Friday and Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.
  • Post Office of Maissana is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Torza’s Office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

How to get to Maissana:

  • From Sestri Levante (A12 highway), get the road to Casarza Ligure and then the State Road No. 523 in Val Petronio.
  • From Brugnato (A12 highway), get the State Road No. 526 to San Pietro Vara.